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Israeli army officers at the army headquarter at the Israeli-Syrian border Israeli army officers at the army headquarter at the Israeli-Syrian border  (ANSA)

Syria accuses Israel for air strike at army base

As Pope Francis yet again appealed for prayers for peace in Syria, tensions increased in the region with Syria accusing Israel for an air strike near Damascus on Tuesday night which targeted an army barracks, killing several people.

By Nathan Morley

The state-controlled radio network reported that Israel was behind an air-strike which hit an army camp on the outskirts of Damascus. The report said that several missiles had been shot down by Syrian defence forces.

Loud explosions could be heard throughout the city. It is reported that the base targeted was used for storage of arms and light ammunition.

The SANA news agency said civilians were killed when burning shrapnel fell to earth, but there are claims the death toll could be higher.

The monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says nine people were killed – including troops from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Earlier, Israel’s military confirmed it was on high alert due to what they described as: ‘irregular activity of Iranian forces’ in Syria.

“Iran is now seeking to implant very dangerous weapons in Syria to be used against Israel for the specific purpose of our destruction,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday.

Jerusalem has repeatedly warned that any Iranian strike on Israel from territory in Syria would lead to a ‘major response.’

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09 May 2018, 17:38