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Damage caused by an Israeli air strike in the southern Gaza strip Damage caused by an Israeli air strike in the southern Gaza strip  (AFP or licensors)

Red Cross respond to ‘overwhelming medical needs’ in Gaza

The International Committee of the Red Cross is sending medical teams to Gaza after the recent violence on the border with Israel.

By Nathan Morley

A group of doctors are preparing to open a 50-bed a surgical unit at the main Gaza hospital in an effort to treat those injured during recent clashes at the border with Israel.

The medical teams are part of the International Committee of the Red Cross and will be posted on a six-month assignment to the al-Shifa Hospital. 

Surgeons, along with physiotherapists, will work on patients requiring operations and treatment for gunshot wounds. The ICRC is also sending in a large quantity of medicines and specialist equipment.

Over the last few months, 115 Palestinians have been killed and another 13,000 wounded in the worst clashes in years.

Robert Mardini, ICRC’s chief in the Near and Middle East said: ‘The recent demonstrations and violence that took place along the Gaza border since the end of March have triggered a health crisis of unprecedented magnitude in this part of the world.’

Mardini added that thousands of Gaza residents are confronting new, long-term medical needs ‘that the health care system simply can’t handle.’

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31 May 2018, 17:22