Peter's Pence: Supporting Pope Francis in his mission

As the Church prepares for the Pope's annual appeal on Sunday, June 30, Catholics are invited to contribute, even with a small monetary donation, to support the activities of the Successor of Peter, who seeks to be close to everyone, especially those who suffer.

By Vatican News

Sunday, June 30, offers everyone an opportunity to help the Pope express his closeness to people who suffer.

The World Day for the Pope's Charity is an invitation for communities worldwide to donate to Peter's Pence and support the mission of the Bishop of Rome—a mission of peace, charity, and solidarity with those in need.

With a donation, which can be made on this special day or any other day of the year, anyone can actively contribute to the universal mission of Pope Francis.

This mission is more necessary than ever in a world troubled by wars, the arms race, injustices, the suffering of many poor people, and attacks on the sanctity of human life and personal dignity.

The activities of the Holy See's Dicasteries assist the Pope daily in bringing his voice and tangible support to many difficult situations, and support charitable works for individuals and families in need, helping people affected by natural disasters and wars.

The message of the Successor of Peter is universal and rooted in the Gospel. In order to reach everyone, it needs the support of each of us. Our donation can help the Pope help others by offering a small contribution to his mission. It makes it possible for him to be close to all geographical and existential peripheries, and offers a chance to collaborate in spreading his prophetic message and voice worldwide, supporing his tireless efforts for peace and fraternity.

Peter's Pence is a donation that can be small in amount but which holds great symbolic value.

It is a concrete way to strengthen our sense of belonging to the Church and our love for the Bishop of Rome, who presides over all Churches in charity.

By donating to Peter's Pence, we not only help the Pope aid those suffering but also participate in his mission to proclaim the Gospel and assist local Churches through the Dicasteries of the Holy See and the network of his representatives worldwide, promoting integral human development, education, peace, justice, and fraternity.

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25 June 2024, 10:04