Peter's Pence 2022: Generous support for Universal Church and Pope’s mission

Peter’s Pence releases its annual disclosure report for the financial year 2022, detailing donations and capital gains of 107 million euro, with €95.5 million in expenses, which went to sustain the Apostolic Mission of Pope Francis.

By Vatican News staff reporter

In 2022, Peter's Pence—the financial support offered by the faithful to the Holy Father—received a total income of €107 million (all amounts are reported in Euro), while the expenses borne by the Fund amounted to €95.5 million.

Catholic faithful around the world contributed to Peter’s Pence, through the annual collection taken up on the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, as well as through donations and bequests throughout the year.

Donations received by Peter's Pence came from various sources such as dioceses, private donors, religious orders, and foundations.

The donations received from dioceses accounted for €27.4 million (63%), followed by foundations with €12.6 million (29%). The United States of America was the largest contributing country with €11 million (25.3%), followed by Korea (8%), Italy (6.7%), Brazil (3.4%), and Germany (3%).

Apart from donations, Peter's Pence also generated income through financial activities, including a significant capital gain from the sale of real estate assets assigned to the Fund.

Support for Roman Curia and charitable initiatives

The contributions granted by Peter's Pence in 2022 amounted to €93.8 million.

These contributions served two main purposes: supporting the activities of the Holy See's Dicasteries, Entities, and Bodies, and promoting “charity initiatives for those in need.”

Out of the total contributions granted, €77.6 million were allocated to support the activities promoted by the Holy See in carrying out the Holy Father's Apostolic Mission, while €16.2 million were used for direct assistance projects for the most vulnerable.

The direct assistance projects funded by Peter's Pence in 2022 supported various causes, including aid for people and families in need, migrants and refugees, dioceses, parishes, religious institutes, and populations affected by natural calamities or wars.

Sustaining people in need

Pope Francis, through the Holy See Dicasteries, donated €36 million for these projects, with €16.2 million being funded by Peter's Pence.

The projects were distributed across 72 different countries, with African nations receiving the largest share (34%) in terms of the amount of funds destined for various projects.

The projects funded by Peter's Pence were categorized into social projects, support for the evangelizing presence of local Churches in need, and the expansion and preservation of the evangelizing presence in new local Churches.

Examples of these projects include support for war-affected populations in Ukraine, aid for flood-affected populations, healthcare initiatives, educational projects, and construction and renovation of churches and buildings.

Promoting Pope’s Apostolic Mission

The contributions from the faithful to Peter's Pence also support the Apostolic Mission of the Holy Father, which includes activities such as proclaiming the Gospel, promoting human development, training priests, diplomatic efforts for peace, and fostering fraternity among peoples.

In 2022, Peter's Pence contributed €77.6 million to the 70 Dicasteries and entities grouped under the "Apostolic Mission Group", thereby covering a 20% of these entities’ total expenses.

These entities serve various purposes, including supporting local Churches in difficulty, evangelization, message diffusion, charity service, apostolic nunciatures, and more.

Drawing near to others to offer comfort

The Annual Disclosure Report 2022 for Peter’s Pence concluded with a quotation from Pope Francis, which he delivered at a General Audience on 29 October 2014.

“The Church is all of us! All those who follow the Lord Jesus and who, in his name, come close to the least and the suffering, seeking to offer a little relief, comfort and peace.”

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30 June 2023, 11:37