St Peter's Square from above St Peter's Square from above  (Vatican Media)

Fabric of St Peter's facilitates entry to St Peter's Basilica for pilgrims

A new initiative by the Fabbrica di San Pietro will make it easier for pilgrims to enter Saint Peter's Basilica to receive the Sacraments.

By Vatican News staff writer

A new initiative has been announced by the Fabric of Saint Peter ("Fabbrica di San Pietro") - the Vatican institution responsible for the conservation and maintenance of St Peter's Basilica - to make entry into the Vatican Basilica quicker and easier for those wishing to pray and participate in the Sacraments. 

A statement from the Fabbrica reads that "a new passageway dedicated to pilgrims and prayer-goers was opened in St Peter's Square ad experimentum" on Tuesday morning, with the collaboration of the Vatican's Italian Inspectorate of Public Security, the Governorate of the Vatican City State, and the Vatican Gendarmerie.

"The route winds its way inside the Vatican Basilica through the right aisle and allows pilgrims to reach the most significant places of the spiritual and liturgical life: the statue of the Pietà, the Altar of St. John Paul II, the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, the Gregorian Chapel with the image of Our Lady of Succour, the area reserved for penitents for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, until reaching the Altar of the Chair and the Chapel of St. Joseph for the celebration of Holy Mass. After reaching St Joseph's Chapel, the itinerary obliges you to leave by passing through the Vatican Grottoes".

The statement notes that the opening hours of the new route will be the same as those of the Basilica: every day from 6.50 am until 6.40 pm, and that admission does not require a ticket. "The route for tourists also allows a completely free visit to the Basilica and access to the places of liturgical actions through special passages", adds the statement

Cardinal Mauro Gambetti, the President of the Fabbrica, said "we are introducing on an experimental basis a privileged route to allow the faithful, prayer groups, and pilgrims to come to pray in St Peter's and participate in the Sacraments easily, without waiting in long queues. In line with the Holy Father's wish, we would like to restore maximum accessibility to the sanctuary for spiritual, liturgical, and celebratory life".

Finally, the statement says that "the itinerary also welcomes pilgrims engaged in the various 'paths', who will be able to show their letters of credence and collect the parchment of 'testimonium', certifying their pilgrimage to the Basilica".


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28 March 2023, 17:28