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Vatican Museums: And the Word became Flesh #2

“The depiction of Jesus’ birth is itself a simple and joyful proclamation of the mystery of the Incarnation of the Son of God.” With these few words, Pope Francis captures the task that sacred art is called to do – to reveal the truth of the Good News through beauty. Each day of the Christmas Octave, the Vatican Museums and Vatican News will offer a masterpiece from the papal collections, accompanied by a reflection from the Popes.

Pieter De Witte, known as Pietro Candido and Peter Candid (Bruges 1548 - Munich 1628), Holy Family with Saint Elizabeth and Saint John; ca. 1580; oil on wood; 127 x 97 cm; © Musei Vaticani

© Musei Vaticani
© Musei Vaticani

“While humankind has wounded his heart, and while hatred has pervaded the earth; while iron and fire rage and the world resounds with the thunder of weapons and wailing; while human expedients have been proven false and all civil well-being has been exiled, faith and history indicate the only way out – the All Powerful intercessor, the Mediatrix of all grace, Mary…and so, with sure trust, let us say: ‘Regina pacis, ora pro nobis!’”

Pope Benedict XV – Discourse to the Sacred
College of Cardinals – 24 December 1915

Series Editor: Paolo Ondarza

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26 December 2022, 08:30