'Kordon' docufilm highlights work of women volunteers helping refugees flee war in Ukraine 'Kordon' docufilm highlights work of women volunteers helping refugees flee war in Ukraine 

‘Kordon’ docufilm to be shown in cities bordering Ukraine

The documentary “Kordon”, which highlights the stories of women helping Ukrainian refugees, will be shown in regions and cities bordering Ukraine that have played a vital role in helping those fleeing conflict.

By Vatican News staff reporter

Kordon is a documentary film directed by Alice Tomassini that tells the story of five women volunteers working to aid Ukrainian refugees as they flee the war-stricken country through a train station at the Ukraine-Hungary border.

Co-produced by Vatican Media and Tenderstories, Kordon held its world premiere at the 2022 Rome International Film Festival and its European premiere at the 2022 UK Film Festival, where it won the award for “Best Documentary.”

International Tour

The documentary begins its tour of screenings in December 2022 in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Moldova, and Romania, cities and regions that border Ukraine and that have played vital roles in helping refugees escape.

Kordon film screening locations
Kordon film screening locations

With the support of volunteers and Italian Cultural Institutes abroad, the tour begins on 16 December in Budapest, and will include cities such as Bratislava, Krakow, and Bucharest.

Kordon film
Kordon film

By showing this film worldwide, organizers are “hoping to create a global movement of like-minded compassionate people” who wish to support persons in need with “true actions” and “in peaceful ways.”

A tale of defiance

Amidst the disruption of the life of the over seven million women and children fleeing violence in Ukraine, the documentary shows how women volunteer in Ukraine to work to provide hope, courage, and solidarity to those forced to leave everything behind.

Displaying the importance of non-violent social help through the stories of these five women, the film aims to shine a light on the powerful role women can play as peacemakers in times of conflict and turmoil.

Kordon is a call to stand together in solidarity and unite in the face of unspeakable trauma and difficulty; to help each other and those in need.

Kordon film: view of the bus to leave Ukraine
Kordon film: view of the bus to leave Ukraine

Director Alice Tomassini said she was inspired to create the film after volunteering on the Ukrainian border with Hungary and witnessing first-hand the power of kindness and people helping each other in the darkest days.

“It is the story of five ordinary women who do something extraordinary to help a people under siege,” she said. It is also “a documentary that aims to raise awareness on the importance of non-violent action.”

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14 December 2022, 11:26