A look at Day One of Caritas' conference on women in leadership roles

Our correspondent in Paris, Francesca Merlo, provides a summary of the first day of the “The Full Face of Humanity: Women in leadership for a just society” conference, aimed at finding ways to empower women and promote a culture of women in leadership.

By Francesca Merlo - Paris

The first day of the conference "The Full Face of Humanity: Women in Leadership for a Just Society" has drawn to an close on Thursday.

Over 200 people, from all over the world, addressed some of the most pressing issues surrounding women's rights within the walls of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

The speakers tackled topics from the need for institutions to commit to placing women in leadership positions to the realities women face in conflict. 

Spread across three different panels, each testimony gave great food for thought, and especially those that recounted very personal stories and experiences.

Amongst these was the testimony of a forced marriage survivor, who recounted the sad fate of her sister, and the strength she found to fight for what she believes is right, even if it meant losing everything she had known. 

On Friday, the conference reconvenes to discuss solutions to some of the harrowing realities. 

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27 October 2022, 19:44