Young people prepare for the World Youth Day celebrations in the archdiocese of Évora, in Portugal Young people prepare for the World Youth Day celebrations in the archdiocese of Évora, in Portugal 

Wisdom, mutual help, collaboration needed in planning of WYD 2023

Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra stresses the importance of joint efforts, effective planning, and a spirit of sacrifice as plans continue to be put in place ahead of World Youth Day 2023.

By Vatican News staff writer

On Thursday, Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, the Substitute of the Secretariat of State, inaugurated the operations headquarters of the World Youth Day, scheduled to hold from 1-6 August 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Addressing the dignitaries gathered at the event and the members of the Local Organizing Committee, the archbishop expressed his joy at being at the place where the event will be “thought about, planned, organized… and prayed over.”

Wisdom, collaboration, and sacrifice needed

The archbishop noted that the space, once reserved for military maintenance services, required human intervention to repair materials in order to return them to service, as well as work that involved wisdom, competence, a spirit of mutual help, collaboration, fortitude, and sacrifice.

These same values will be required in the mission of the organization of the World Youth Day celebration, he noted.

Archbishop Peña Parra said that true wisdom is needed for realistic and effective planning, mutual help, and loyal collaboration, because no one can plan it all alone and fraternal communion must animate Christian activity. He also stressed the importance of fortitude and a spirit of sacrifice in order not to be discouraged by difficulties and to be able to confront them with joy.

The expectations of all

The archbishop went on to highlight the anticipation of Pope Francis, the Church, and its pastors for the World Youth Day celebration, as they hope that many young people will come to Lisbon for the event to share in the joy of faith with their peers from all around the world.

Finally, Archbishop Parra invoked God’s blessings and the intercession of Our Lady on all as they continue on the journey toward the World Youth Day celebration.

12 May 2022, 11:00