Parolin: war is senseless violence, we must be artisans of peace

Speaking at a conference hosted by Rome’s Pontifical Urbaniana University and organised by the Moroccan embassy to the Holy See, the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin recalls the good relations between the Vatican and the North African state, reiterating the Pope's calls for a concrete commitment to put an end to the conflict in Ukraine.

Benedetta Capelli - Vatican City

"In this period marked by senseless violence, the Holy See is committed to contributing to the effort for peace, which, together with justice and brotherhood, is also a gift from God that we fervently implore". Those were the words of Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, speaking during a conference at the Pontifical Urbaniana University focusing on dialogue and the common good, promoted by the Embassy of Morocco to the Holy See and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine are the major concerns to which to respond with an “architecture” of peace to which the institutions of society contribute. “But there is also," the cardinal explained, "a craft of peace that concerns us all".

Respect for human dignity

"Our world," the Cardinal said, "thirsts for peace, for this invisible good that requires the effort and constant contribution of all. Even with respect to the pandemic, he added, it is necessary "to develop concrete processes at the service of peace, placing the sacred dignity of the human person and respect for the common good at the centre of every action. We are all called to contribute to a global and permanent architecture of peace”. The secretary of state recalled the Pope's words to the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See and in particular emphasised two key words, "dialogue" and "fraternity", "essential centres", he said, "to overcome the crises of the current moment", characterised by the "deafening noise of wars and conflicts". "Several times in the last few days," he emphasised, "Pope Francis has urged all the actors in the international community to make a concrete commitment to put an end to this terrible war".

Peace and development

Cardinal Parolin also recalled the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Morocco that began in 1976, the visit of John Paul II in 1985 and that of Pope Francis in 2019, who had described the country as a "natural bridge between Africa and Europe" and had urged to build "a more united world and more committed to a dialogue that respects the specificities of each people and each citizen".

The value of tolerance

Cardinal Parolin's speech also included a thought for the new saint Charles de Foucauld who had travelled to Morocco and whose presence had "had a great impact on the Catholic Church in the Maghreb and gave rise to many initiatives to give concrete expression to the call of the Second Vatican Council for dialogue with other religions, especially Muslims". "Morocco," concluded the Secretary of State, "is a country rich in beauty, which has always been a meeting place for civilisations", characterised by a tradition of tolerance. "As believers, I am convinced that we must joyfully recognise the religious values we have in common. Ideologies and slogans will not help us face the problems of our daily life and society. Only spiritual and moral values can do this, thanks to God' and his mercy.

16 May 2022, 14:29