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Vatican Radio increases shortwave broadcasts to Ukraine and Russia

From next Monday the Pope’s radio station will expand its Ukrainian and Russian programmes. The increase of shortwave frequencies aims to empower the Radio’s outreach in its mission to communicate the Gospel message and to “read” current events through this perspective.

By Vatican News

From Monday, 21 March, Vatican Radio will increase its shortwave broadcasts to Ukraine and Russia. In addition to the two daily broadcasts (afternoon and evening) in the two languages, the morning programmes to Moscow and Kyiv will last twenty minutes longer.

"The decision,” Massimiliano Menichetti, head of Vatican Radio Vatican News explains, “was taken with the agreement of the entire management team of the Dicastery for Communication, at this time when war is raging, in order to better respond to our mission: to bring hope, the Pope's words and the reading of facts through the light of the Gospel to the whole world.”

In these past weeks, he added, thanks to a network of direct contacts that support the work of our reporters, we are trying to give comfort to those who are suffering and to ensure timely information.

The frequencies of Vatican Radio, the pages and posts of Vatican News in 51 languages (including English and Italian in sign language) aim to not leave anyone alone, even in the awareness of the power of prayer".

Vatican Radio's new shortwave broadcasts 

Until 26 March

Russian, CET 06:00-06:20, UTC 05:00-05:20, 7260 kHz, 9715 kHz

Ukrainian, CET 06:20-06:40, UTC 05:20-05:40, 7260 kHz, 9715 kHz

From Sunday, 27 March 

Russian, CET 07:00-07:20, UTC 05:00-05:20, 7260 kHz, 9705 kHz

Ukrainian, CET 06:40-07:00,UTC 04:40-05:00,  7260 kHz, 9705 kHz

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16 March 2022, 13:13