Cardinal Krajewski in Ukraine: "With prayer we can stop the war"

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski presides at an interfaith prayer service for peace in the Cathedral of Lviv, at noon on Thursday. Amongst the participants were the representatives of different Churches and religious communities in Ukraine.

By Vatican News

The interfaith prayer service in Lviv’s Cathedral was attended by the two Catholic Archbishops of Ukraine: Metropolitan Archbishop of Lviv Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki and the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Sviatoslav Shevchuk. Orthodox bishops were also present, including those who recognize the sovereignty of the Patriarchate of Moscow.

Speaking after the prayer service, Cardinal Krajewski who is in Ukraine to bring Pope Francis’ closeness to the suffering people, said the Church in Ukraine is united.


“A divided Church is a scandal," he said, noting that "Today we were all united, everyone prayed together and asked God for peace, according to the Gospel.”

Describing the choral prayer as rising “like the smoke of the incense,” the Cardinal said “this is our strength” and he expressed his wish to “pass on this power and strength to the Ukrainian people.”

“Through faith, we can move mountains. I believe in that. Even more so to stop a stupid war,” he said.

The Pope's Almoner in Ukraine

During the afternoon, the Pope’s envoy visited the Ukrainian-Polish border crossing of Rawa Ruska-Hrebenne, where he inquired about the situation there and met with volunteers who are helping refugees waiting to cross the border.

Last night he prayed with the refugees at the Parish of St. John Paul II in Lviv and had dinner with them.


10 March 2022, 18:24