Cardinal Konrad Krajewski is escorted by Ukrainian soldiers Cardinal Konrad Krajewski is escorted by Ukrainian soldiers 

Cardinal Krajewski thanks Ukraine’s neighbors for welcoming refugees

The Papal Almoner, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, expresses gratitude to Ukraine’s European neighbors for welcoming people fleeing the Russian invasion, saying that faith can move mountains amid immense suffering.

By Vatican News staff reporter

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski’s mission of nearness and aid to the people of Ukraine continues, as he spent Friday in the Ukrainian city of Rivne.

Pope Francis sent the Papal Almoner to Ukraine to offer his consolation to the suffering population.

He arrived on Friday in Rivne, after a stop in Lviv, visiting several Catholic communities in the northwestern city.

Cardinal Krajewski also participated in an ecumenical prayer for peace and met with volunteers devoting themselves to meeting the needs of displaced people.

Bringing Pope’s message of peace in areas of war

Speaking with several reporters in Rivne, the Cardinal reiterated the Pope's closeness to Ukraine.

“He wants to say that he loves Ukraine,” said Cardinal Krajewski,” that he prays for Ukraine and seeks to unite the whole world around Ukraine.”

Recalling Pope Francis' visit to the Russian Embassy on the first day of the Russian invasion, the Papal Almoner explained that the Pope "went to ask for mercy, so that people would not die."

“The Holy Father follows the logic of the Gospel. This attitude implies that faith can move mountains. Our only weapon is faith. Only if we believe will we be able to obtain from God mercy and His peace for Ukraine.”

Papal prayer and daily concern

Cardinal Krajewski went on to say that the Pope prays every day for Ukraine, saying that his own mission to the country is an extension of that concern.

“The Holy Father is aware of everything that is happening in Ukraine. He knows how people are suffering, how they are fleeing, and how everyone is being welcomed in Europe.”

The Cardinal wrapped up the brief interview thanking Ukraine’s European neighbors for welcoming Ukrainian refugees into their homes. He concluded by saying, “May God bless Ukraine.” 

12 March 2022, 08:49