Archbishop Pena Parra speaks at the opening of the Nunciature in Abu Dhabi Archbishop Pena Parra speaks at the opening of the Nunciature in Abu Dhabi 

New UAE Apostolic Nunciature opens in Abu Dhabi

Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra officially opens the new Apostolic Nunciature in Abu Dhabi, and confirms the diplomatic outpost as a concrete sign of the Pope’s concern for people in the United Arab Emirates.

By Devin Watkins

The Substitute of the Secretariat of State, Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, presided over a ceremony to officially open the new Apostolic Nunciature to the UAE on Friday.

The event took place on the same day as the world marks the International Day of Human Fraternity, which commemorates Pope Francis’ signing of the Document on Human Fraternity in Abu Dhabi in 2019.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Archbishop Peña Parra conveyed the Pope’s “cordial greetings and spiritual closeness” to everyone in the UAE.

He also expressed the Pope’s best wishes for the recent celebration of the 50th anniversary of the country’s founding.

“The presence of this new Apostolic Nunciature is a further sign of the Holy Father’s solicitude and concern for all the people in this land.”

Positive role of religion in society

The Archbishop said the new diplomatic outpost demonstrates the “good bilateral relations that already exist between the United Arab Emirates and the Holy See” as the two mark the 15th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

“I am convinced that the relationship formed over this period is based on a mutual understanding of the importance of faith and the positive role that religion should play in society.”

Archbishop Peña Parra said Pope Francis’ signing of the 2019 Document on Human Fraternity, with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed Al-Tayyeb, in Abu Dhabi affirmed the important role of faith in Emirati society.

The Document, he added, showcases the elements that unite Christians and Muslims, and the need for all to live in fraternity, despite our differences.

“Contrary to any distortion or manipulation of religion, the response to this call can be nothing other than choosing the path of dialogue, which leads to better mutual understanding and cooperation.”

Place of encounter

Archbishop Peña Parra went on to express his hopes for even better diplomatic relations between the two States.

He said the new Embassy can serve as a place of “encounter and dialogue for our bilateral cooperation for years to come.”

Participants in the inauguration ceremony
Participants in the inauguration ceremony

The Venezuelan Archbishop also expressed Pope Francis’ closeness to Catholics living in the UAE.

“May this place be a source of encouragement to them as they strive to live their faith and be examples of human fraternity to all their brothers and sisters in this land,” he said.

Pope’s closeness

In conclusion, Archbishop Peña Parra thanked all those who made the new Apostolic Nunciature possible, especially Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and Bishop Paul Hinder, Apostolic Vicar for Southern Arabia.

“Please know once again of the Holy Father’s closeness as we open the Apostolic Nunciature in the United Arab Emirates.”

Video footage of Nunciature inauguration ceremony
04 February 2022, 11:15