Vatican recalls Migrants and Refugees Day, two months on

The Vatican’s Migrants and Refugees Section releases a video recalling this year’s World Day dedicated to people who have fled their homes, expressing the hope that we might all live together in our common home.

By Vatican News staff reporter

The Vatican is recalling the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, which was held on 26 September, with a video.

Produced by the Migrants and Refugees Section, in conjunction with Vatican Media, the video gathers the social media campaigns connected to the event and returns to Pope Francis’ words at the Angelus that Sunday.

His message for this year’s commemoration was focused on the theme: “Towards an ever wider ‘we’.”

At the Angelus, the Pope encouraged everyone to walk together, “without prejudice and without fear, beside those who are most vulnerable: migrants, refugees, displaced persons, victims of human trafficking, and the abandoned.”

The Church, he added on that occasion, is called to help build “an ever more inclusive world, which excludes no one.”

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26 November 2021, 10:15