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Pontifical Council for Culture celebrates Dante

The Pontifical Council for Culture promotes a calendar of initiatives to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri.

By Vatican News staff writer  

On the occasion of the 700th Anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri (Florence 1265 - Ravenna 1321), the Pontifical Council for Culture has set up a scientific-organizational committee, chaired by its President, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, for the realization and promotion of initiatives to celebrate and pay tribute to the great Italian poet.

Commemorative initiatives start on 25 March, to coincide with the publication of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter “Candor lucis aeternae” and with other initiatives promoted by Italian institutions.

25 March sees the opening of a virtual exhibition entitled "Travelling with Dante" curated by the Vatican Library and promoted by the Pontifical Council’s scientific-organizational committee and the "Courtyard of the Gentiles” initiative. The exhibition enables visitors to access manuscripts, ancient books, engravings and medals dedicated to Dante, directly from their computers. Exhibits cover a period in time that ranges from 13th to 19th centuries. In the coming months, the exhibition will be enriched with new elements.

Also from 25 March, The Vatican Museums celebrate Dante with a virtual educational project called "Dante in the Vatican Museums", highlighting all the works in the Museums that refer to him and his work in one way or another.

On 28 May, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi holds a conference in Florence dedicated to the theology of Dante.

In mid-June, the "Courtyard of the Gentiles", in collaboration with the Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archaeology, presents an evocative cultural event at the Catacombs of San Callisto in Rome. The event aims to take participants on a journey through Dante's “Divine Comedy”, thanks to the participation of actors.

On 12 September, Cardinal Ravasi presides at the conclusion of the celebration of Dante Alighieri in Ravenna with a conference and a Mass. 

On 25-26  November, the Dante Committee organizes a conference at the University of Rome "Roma Tre", focused on the figure of Dante and on the eschatological issues he raises. Dante Alighieri experts and academics have been invited to attend the gathering.

25 March 2021, 13:21