File photo of a Swiss Guard on duty File photo of a Swiss Guard on duty 

Covid-19: Eleven cases among Swiss Guards

A communiqué from the Pontifical Swiss Guard Corps announces that cases of coronavirus infection among its members have increased to eleven.

"As a result of testing carried out in recent days, seven other positive results have emerged among the Swiss Guards, bringing the total number of infected to eleven."

The Pontifical Swiss Guard Corps reported the news in a statement on Thursday evening.

Measures to contain spread

The press release says "arrangements were immediately made to isolate those with positive cases and all appropriate further steps are being taken, along with additional testing. In the meantime, in addition to what has already been ordered by the Governorate of Vatican City State to contain Covid-19 infection, other effective measures have been taken, also regarding rotation planning for the Guards, in order to exclude any risk of contagion in those places where the Pontifical Swiss Guard serve."

The communiqué concludes affirming that "the Swiss Guard Corps will communicate further developments on the situation in the coming days."

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15 October 2020, 18:50