Basilica of Saint Mary Major, Rome Basilica of Saint Mary Major, Rome 

The Papal Basilicas organize for Phase 2

Representatives of the Papal Basilicas meet to organize reopening their doors and measures needed to guarantee the safety of the faithful.

By Vatican News

Those in charge of the four major Roman Basilicas, also known as the Papal Basilicas, are studying what needs to be done in order to open their doors to the faithful so they can assist at the sacred liturgy once more.

Matteo Bruni, the Director of the Holy See Press Office sent a message to journalists accredited to the Holy See on Thursday afternoon. In that message, he informed them that the "representatives of the Papal Basilicas" attended a meeting on Thursday morning "promoted by the Secretariat of State". 

The meeting allowed them to discuss the "new aspects of Phase 2" which Italy is now in. As part of Phase 2, churches will be allowed to open their doors to the faithful once again for the celebration of Holy Mass beginning on 18 may.

Among the items discussed were the "necessary measures most suitable to guarantee the safety of the faithful". One specifically mentioned by Matteo Bruni in his message to journalists is that of taking the temperature of those who wish to participiate in the liturgical celebrations with the use of a thermoscanner.

14 May 2020, 18:05