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Vatican investigation: laws that work and media that shames

Vatican Judiciary investigations concerning some persons serving in Holy See offices is proof that the processes, begun by Pope Benedict XVI and carried out by his successor, work.

News of investigations undertaken by the Vatican Judiciary concerning certain persons serving in offices of the Holy See has produced a considerable echo in the media, and understandably so. Interpretations, comments and analyses that accompanied publication of the news by the Vatican Press Office failed, however, to underline an important point: what happened on Tuesday in the Vatican proves concretely that the processes begun by Pope Benedict XVI, and carried out by Pope Francis, really work. It proves that the new laws of Vatican City State are being applied.

The structures responsible for revision and control, and those being controlled, can report any anomalies to the Vatican Judiciary, and request an investigation. The painful events made public this week are not a sign the system has failed. On the contrary, they show the system has developed antibodies capable of reacting, and that the process of reforming the Vatican’s economic and financial structures is well underway.

A second and equally important consideration needs to be made regarding what happened the day after the Vatican Press Office released the news. The individuals facing the investigation have been subjected to a media pillory, including having their photographs published, despite the fact that any possible responsibility on their part is still to be proven. Those involved in the investigation have the right to be respected in their dignity as men and women, whether they are priests, or fathers and mothers of families.

Regarding the way in which this information was divulged, and those who divulged it, an investigation has ben opened by the Vatican Judicial system.

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03 October 2019, 15:30