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The Pontifical Swiss Guard features at Lisbon film festival (FESTin)

Among the entries at the festival this year is the documentary “L'esercito più piccolo del mondo”, (The World's Smallest Army), by Italian director Gianfranco Pannone.

The Itinerant Portuguese-Language Film Festival (FESTin) is being hosted in Lisbon this year from 27 February to March 6.  Among the entries at the film festival is the documentary, “L'esercito più piccolo del mondo” (The World's Smallest Army) by renowned Italian film and television director Gianfranco Pannone. 

The film is on the famed Pontifical Swiss Guard, a centuries-old military unit comprised of young Swiss soldiers who are stationed at the Vatican and tasked with guarding the Pope.

In his 80-minute long documentary, Pannone follows Leo and René with great sensitivity, as they bid farewell to their families in Switzerland and embark on the first months of their assignment in the Vatican.

02 March 2018, 10:29