Infographic of Vatican News social media community Infographic of Vatican News social media community 

Vatican News community exceeds 4 million users on social media

The Vatican Secretariat for Communication releases a communiqué detailing recent restructuring efforts on social media channels under the recently-presented Vatican News logo.

Vatican Secretariat for Communication:

Vatican News community exceeds 4 million users on social media following recent restructuring of platforms

A community that exceeds 4 million users on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. This is the latest result of the reorganization of the social media channels of the Vatican Secretariat for Communication, unified under the recently presented Vatican News logo.

The launch of a Global Page on Facebook, in particular, brought together over 3 million followers, who can now consult the pages of the six languages ​​currently available (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese).

On Twitter, previous fragmentation has been corrected by rendering all six language accounts @vaticannews immediately recognizable. Added to this is the new @radiovaticanaitalia account which promotes and provides information on the activity of Radio Vaticana Italia, and the unique multilingual Vatican News channel on Instagram. The three social media platforms include the YouTube channel (in 6 languages), which is also under the Vatican News brand and which offers users live and on demand videos of the Pope’s activities.

Vatican News social media is coordinated by the Editorial Department and the Theological-Pastoral Department of the Communication Secretariat. The Pope's social media accounts are entrusted to a team of the Secretariat for Communication working in synergy with the Vatican Secretariat of State. These accounts are: @Pontifex on Twitter (over 44 million followers in 9 languages) and @Franciscus on Instagram (over 5 million followers on the single multilingual channel).

According to the Prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for Communication, Msgr. Dario Edoardo Viganò, "The strengthening of our presence on social networks is one of the effects of the great process of reform of the Vatican media currently under completion. And it is certainly a positive result, achieved thanks to the great commitment of our journalists and technical staff. As communications professionals, according to the logic of a Church that looks outwards, we are all called to be among the people. Today this means being present on social networks and the internet with conviction and responsibility. So our perspective must be very clear: one that requires us to focus on the human person, on relationships, the culture of encounter and, only in the last instance, on technology ".

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09 January 2018, 08:34