Saint of the day

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Date 07 January

The Saint of the Day presents a daily calendar of Saints remembered by the Church and featured in the Vatican calendar. The pages feature the stories of the great witnesses of Christian life through the centuries, lighting our way on our journey of faith. 

St. Raymond of Penyafort, Dominican, Co-founder of the Mercedarians

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A priest of the Order of Preachers, Saint Raymond of Peñafort was a great canon lawyer, for which reason he is invoked as protector of jurists. He dedicated himself to the formation of missionaries. As General of the Dominicans he toured Europe, caring for the numerous houses of the Order.  

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St. Lucian, Antiochian priest, Martyr

A scholarly and austere priest of Antioch in Syria, a precise exegete of the Old and New Testaments, Lucian died a martyr at Nicomedia on 7 January 312, during the persecution of the Roman emperor Maximinus. Another emperor, Constantine, would be baptized near his grave.  

St. Polieuto, Martyr