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#EoF: Pope points to path for an inclusive and caring economy

Pope Francis sends a message to young economists taking part in the annual “Economy of Francesco” meeting, held online this year, and encourages their efforts to transform society to make it inclusive and just.

By Vatican News

In his message to young economists who have embraced the “Economy of Francesco” movement for a process aiming to build an economy that leaves no one behind, Pope Francis addressed contradictions and diverse perspectives in the quest to reshape the economic landscape.

The unity of opposites

Commenting on the concept of "coincidentia oppositorum", or the unity of opposites, the Pope reflects on the fact that reality is often comprised of opposing forces, such as big and small, grace and freedom, justice and love.

Instead of choosing one side and eliminating the other, he upholds the choice to seek synthesis, a higher plane where tension remains. This notion, he says, challenges us to find common ground in the face of economic contradictions.

In a world where disparities are growing, this approach calls for balance, cooperation, and a recognition that both sides can coexist for the common good.

Call for inclusion

Urging young economists to expand their perspectives and make room for diverse voices, particularly those that have long been excluded, the Holy Father emphasizes the importance of valuing the viewpoints of women and the marginalized.

Their unique insights, he notes, can shift our focus from material possessions to meaningful relationships, from wealth accumulation to equitable distribution, and from abstraction to tangible realities.

In economic theory and practice, he observes, this calls for a profound shift towards inclusivity, where all voices are valued and heard.

The economy of the journey

Drawing from the experiences of Jesus and his disciples, Pope Francis highlights the importance of the "economy of the journey." This concept, he explains, stresses trust, vulnerability, and dependence on others along the way.

It reminds us that economics is not isolated but intersects with other disciplines and requires practical, hands-on involvement.

Just as a pilgrim's journey is marked by challenges and dust, the Pope says it is necessary to get one’s hands dirty in the pursuit of the common good.

A pilgrim’s journey, he adds, is also an encouragement to be peacemakers and advocates for justice within the economic realm.

Patience and perseverance

It is clear, the Pope concludes, that change takes time and requires resourcefulness.

It may not be possible to immediately integrate new economic approaches into existing systems, but this should not deter us.

We must have the patience to let our efforts evolve gradually and nurture the determination to establish enduring connections.

 As we strive for a more just and inclusive economic world, persistence and resilience, he notes, are essential virtues.

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06 October 2023, 19:28