Unloading humanitarian aid for Ukraine Unloading humanitarian aid for Ukraine 

Cardinal Krajewski unveils new papal donations for Ukraine

Fresh humanitarian aid packages newly-arrived from Korea are being sent to Ukraine, with some 30 homeless people assisting in unloading the supplies, according to Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the papal almoner.

By Stefano Leszczynski

Two trucks filled with donations of food are heading to Ukraine, says Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Service of Charity.

The latest humanitarian initiative of Pope Francis was announced by the papal almoner, who told Vatican News that a large Korean company had sent some 300,000 portions of freeze-dried broth to the Vatican to be distributed to people in the areas most affected by the war.

The donation addresses a serious need, as broth is very nutritious and can be prepared easily by adding hot water.

More than 100 truckfuls of aid

Beginning at dawn on Wednesday morning, about 30 residents of the Dormitory of Pope Francis in Rome have been working to facilitate the unloading and transfer of the aid to the facilities of the Greek Catholic Parish of Santa Sophia in Rome. From there it will leave for Ukraine in a few days.

The Pope's almoner said the operation is part of humitarian aid that has been carried out 106 times since the beginning of the war, equalling the number of trucks sent to Ukraine.

Solidarity of the dormitory guests

Cardinal Krajewski emphasized the great symbolic value of the solidarity shown by the guests of the Pope's dormitory.

The 30 homeless people who have found shelter there did not hesitate to volunteer to help organize this shipment of gifts from Korea.

“All of them know the destination of these products and all of them cheerfully volunteered, even though it involves many hours of work,” the Cardinal explained.

Residents of the Dormitory who helped Cardinal Krajewski
Residents of the Dormitory who helped Cardinal Krajewski

Humanitarian aid as a key to peace

The papal almoner has no doubts about the importance of the many gestures of solidarity with Ukraine as a factor that can contribute to peace.

“It is very important,” the Cardinal explained, “that those who are suffering know that they are not alone, that they are also touched in some way by the Holy Father. The Church helps everyone without distinction, distributing the gifts that are the fruit of people's generosity.”

New charitable initiatives

The trips to Ukraine, for which Cardinal Krajewski is preparing, will also see the launch of new projects.

“With these upcoming trips, we will not only bring food, but in a few weeks we will also open a large house in Lviv for war widows and for mothers with children," he said. "Together with other organization, we have managed to build this large house in the midst of the war. And here the leading role has been played by the Holy Father.”

Being present is the strongest witness

Pope Francis’ almoner believes that it is essential to be present in person where people are suffering the most, especially so as not to get used to the idea of war.

"It is important to bear witness by being present, more than with gifts,” he said, reiterating the importance of the Pope's closeness which is even more important as a new winter of war approaches.

“This one scares me so much because I remember last winter when I was there, right in the war zones,” the Cardinal said. “We did so much last year, now the Holy Spirit will tell us what is needed in this coming winter.”

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30 August 2023, 15:04