Migrants from sub-Saharan Africa on the Libyan border Migrants from sub-Saharan Africa on the Libyan border  (AFP or licensors)

Pope Francis urges action to save migrants in North African deserts

Pope Francis appeals to world leaders to come to the emergency assistance of migrants trapped in the deserts of North Africa, while also recalling the extreme climatic events and the need to address global warming.

By Thaddeus Jones

After leading the recitation of the Angelus prayer on Sunday, Pope Francis spoke of the worsening tragic situation affecting migrants in the northern part of Africa where thousands are suffering terribly due to being trapped or abandoned in the desert for weeks.

"I appeal, in particular to the European and African Heads of State and Government, for urgent relief and assistance to these brothers and sisters," he said. "May the Mediterranean never again be a theatre of death and inhumanity. May the Lord enlighten the minds and hearts of all, inpsiring sentiments of fraternity, solidarity, and hospitality."

“May the Mediterranean never again be a theatre of death and inhumanity.”

Close to heat and flood victims

The Pope also expressed his closeness to those suffering from extreme climatic events, whether severe heat or unprecedented flooding.

He mentioned that many countries are experiencing extraordinary heat waves with devastating fires and in other places massive rains and flooding.

He spoke specificlaly about the floods affecting South Korea, and he expressed his closeness to those suffering and emergency workers assisting the victims and the displaced.

"I renew my appeal to the leaders of nations, that something more tangible be done to limit polluting emissions," he said. "It is an urgent challenge and cannot be postponed; it concerns everyone."

“Let us protect our common home!”

Pray for Ukraine

In conclusion, Pope Francis asked everyone to continue to pray for peace for suffering Ukraine, where the violence has caused more death and destruction, especially overnight in Odessa.

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23 July 2023, 12:32