Rome's Agostino Gemelli Hospital where Pope Francis is recovering Rome's Agostino Gemelli Hospital where Pope Francis is recovering  (Vatican Media)

Pope's recovery continues well, will pray Angelus privately Sunday

The midday papal health updated on Saturday notes that Pope Francis' recovery continues normally, and he has now started a semi-liquid diet. Following doctors' recommendations, he will say the Angleus prayer privately on Sunday, united spiritually with affection and gratitude with the faithful.

By Vatican News staff writer

UPDATE: On Saturday evening, the Holy See published a brief note with the latest on the Pope's health situation, indicating that the Holy Father spent the day between rest and work, and in the afternoon received Holy Communion. We'll have further updates on Sunday.

The Holy See Press Office in its early afternoon health update on Saturday reported that the Pope's post-operative recovery continues to proceed normally. His medical team says that he is off intravenous fluids and now on a semi-liquid diet. The Pope has no fever and his heart rate and blood pressure values are stable. His post-operative blood tests and chest x-ray results are also good, the statement notes.

The Press Office stated that the Pope is following "a cautious convalescence that aims to minimize strain on the abdominal wall to allow the implanted prosthetic mesh and muscle fascia repair to heal optimally." And in order to minimize any physical movement that can put strain on the area operated upon, doctors have recommended the Pope refrain from leading Sunday's customary Angelus prayer publicly. Instead, the Pope will say the Marian prayer in private, "uniting himself spiritually with affection and gratitude to the faithful, wherever they may be, who wish to accompany him."

Accompanying the medical health bulletin today, a live press briefing took place with the surgeon who operated on the Pope, Professor Sergio Alfieri, introduced by Holy See Press Office Director, Matteo Bruni.

During the briefing, Dr. Alfieri emphasized that the Pope's overall recovery is going well and his vitals are fine. His medical team is concerned that he limit as much as possible any physical movement that puts strain on the abdomen, where stitches are in place covering the mesh repairing the hernia in order to assure the healing process is not disturbed.

Doctor Alfieri reiterated that the blood work and chest x-ray results are good, and that Pope has no underlying serious health problems. He also said the surgery was not a result of an emergency, but only decided upon very recently due to increasing pain. The surgeon has also recommended the Pope stay in hospital all next week to assure the healing process continues well, so that he can return to his public pastoral activities in the best physical condition possible. 

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10 June 2023, 13:42