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Pope Francis' recovery proceeding normally

All is proceeding well with Pope Francis' recovery, the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Matteo Bruni, says, as he offers an update on the Pope's continued progress following his laparotomy and abdominal wall plastic surgery, which took place last week.

By Vatican News staff reporter

Doctors say Pope Francis is recovering well, as he observes medical indications, says the Holy See Press Office, in its latest update on the Holy Father's recovery following his surgery last Wednesday.

In the statement, the Director of the Press Office, Matteo Bruni, said: "The medical team reports that the Holy Father's post-operative recovery continues to be regular, observing medical indications."

Pope Francis, he noted, "continues to eat regularly. This morning, he received the Holy Eucharist and then devoted himself to his work activities."

Bruni has sent regular statements confirming the Pope's progress, consistently stating the the medical team reports that the clinical picture is progressively improving and "the post-operative course is regular."

Last night, the Director of the Press Office noted that the Pope had a good Sunday afternoon, walking around a little bit, between work, rest, and prayer.

Following the surgery on Wednesday, the Pope's surgeon, Professor Sergio Alfieri, told reporters that there were no complications, and that the Pope was conscious, alert, and joking after the procedure. Dr Alfieri said the Pope should eventually be able to resume travel and his normal activities, but should not lift heavy objects.

As a standard precaution, the Pope is expected to stay in the hospital this week, so can return "stronger even than before."

Also on Wednesday evening, the Holy See Press Office announced that his audiences have been suspended until 18 June.

Pope Francis has Apostolic Journeys to Portugal and Mongolia scheduled for August.


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12 June 2023, 12:29