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Papal audiences temporarily suspended as messages of well-wishes flood in

The Holy See Press Office announces the temporary suspension of Papal audiences, to give the Holy Father time to fully recover from him surgery. Meanwhile, messages of good wishes for a speedy recovery are flooding in.

By Francesca Merlo

The Holy See Press Office has announced that, as a precautionary measure, all Papal audiences have been suspended until 18 June. Matteo Bruni, Director of the Holy See Press Office was responding to questions posed by journalists following the news of the Holy Father's surgery.

The Holy Father will be resting for several days and the temporary suspension of his activities will allow for a full recovery.

In the meantime, scores of messages and prayers for his speedy recovery are pouring into Vatican News. 

Sant'Egidio Community

The Sant'Egidio Community, in a statement released on Wednesday, expresses "all its affection and closeness to Pope Francis". Joining in prayers with the whole Church for the success of his surgery, and the prompt restoration of his health, the Sant' Egidio Community "awaits him soon in the full exercise of his ministry as a pastor, a precious point of reference for so many". 

Italian Bishops

Similarly, the Italian Bishops Conference expressed its closeness and affection on behalf of all the Bishops and Churches in Italy. It writes that "in this further moment of trial, the Presidency stands close to the Holy Father and invites the ecclesial communities to support him with their prayers", before entrusting "the work of the doctors and health workers to the Lord".

Communion and Liberation 

Also sending best wishes to Pope Francis for a speedy recovery, the Communion and Liberation Movement's President, Davide Prosperi writes that ''The entire Communion and Liberation movement is close, with great affection, to Pope Francis and joins in the prayers for his health and for the success of the operation", adding its heartfelt wish that "he may soon recover and return to witness his paternal guidance in the journey of faith of the whole Church''.

Catholic Action 

The National Presidency of Italian Catholic Action and the whole Association also joined in prayers with a message noting that "the children, young people and adults of Catholic Action ideally embrace the Holy Father, raising prayers and supplications to the Lord so that with the help of His grace He may sustain and console our beloved Pope Francis during his post-operative convalescence and that he may soon return to health to fully exercise his ministry as father and pastor". It also expresses the certainty that "also on this occasion Pope Francis will teach us how to face suffering supported by faith and Christian hope".

Diocese of Rome

The Diocese of Rome joined in sending messages of good health to Pope Francis, noting that "the entire Church of Rome is gathered around the Holy Father, invoking the Lord's blessing for his speedy recovery".

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07 June 2023, 16:19