The Meter Associtation, present in St Peter's Square for the Pope's Regina Coeli The Meter Associtation, present in St Peter's Square for the Pope's Regina Coeli  (VATICAN MEDIA Divisione Foto)

Pope: Never tire of being on the side of the victim

Pope Francis greets the numerous groups of visitors and pilgrims present in St Peter's Square for his regina Coeli, in particular the Meter Association which works to prevent and combat violence against minors, but also the newly sworn in Swiss Guards. He also welcomes two new Blessed.

By Francesca Merlo

After the recitation of the Regina Coeli on Sunday, Pope Francis turned to greet the various groups of pilgrims ans visitors present in St Peter's Square. 

Meter Foundation

After greeting the visiting pilgrims, he turned to visitors from the Meter Association, present in the Square along with the Association's founder, Don Fortunato Di Noto. He noted that they work tirelessly and are committed to preventing and combating violence against minors. For 30 years, he added, "they have been defending childhood from abuse and violence".

Never tire of being on the side of the victim, stressed the Pope.

Two Blessed

Pope Francis also turned his thoughts to two recent beatifications. On Friday, in Montevideo, Uruguay, Bishop Jacinto Vera, was beatified. He was "a pastor who cared for his people, he bore witness to the Gospel with generous missionary zeal, fostering social reconciliation in the tense climate of the civil war", said the Pope.

At the same time, the Pope continued, in Granada, Spain, the young Maria de la Concepción Barrecheguren y García was beatified. "She was Bedridden by a serious illness, she bore her sufferings with great spiritual strength, arousing admiration and consolation in everyone. She died in 1927 at the age of 22" said the Pope.

Let us applaud the two Blesseds, he concluded.

Swiss Guards

Finally, the Holy Father extended a special greeting "to the new Swiss Guards, their families and friends, and the Swiss authorities who took part in the celebrations of this well-deserving Corps". 

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07 May 2023, 13:51