An image from Pope Francis' interview with Canal 5 de Noticias, Argentina An image from Pope Francis' interview with Canal 5 de Noticias, Argentina 

Pope gives interview to Argentine television network

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his pontificate, Pope Francis gives an extensive interview to Argentina's television network, Canal 5 de Noticias, where he addresses a wide range of topics, from memories of his election in 2013 to events in his country, from peace to Church issues.

By Sebastián Sansón Ferrari

Pope Francis has given a wide-ranging interview to Argentina's Canal 5 de Noticias television network, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of his pontificate. The Pope addressed a host of issues, some already addressed in other interviews he has given in recent weeks for the anniversary. In addition to subjects such as promoting world peace, the war in Ukraine, the Church's efforts to combat abuse, and the importance of patriotism, he also delved into issues relating to his homeland, Argentina.

Internal struggles

Journalist Gustavo Sylvestre asked the Pope about what he said at the General Audience on 15 March 2023. The Pope thanked Argentine government leaders and opposition parties for coming together to sign a letter of greetings for him, while he also urged them to always agree to come together to talk, discuss, and work for the progress of the nation. He went on to say that often people like to see other people's infighting or to argue about anything, but he warned that "our infighting is harmful, it is stronger than the sense of belonging, it destroys political affiliation," and you end up with "different political parties that have no political power of bringing people together."

Regarding the rise of extremist parties, the Pope said the antidote is social justice. "There is no other," he added. "If you want to discuss with a politician, an ultra-right thinker, talk about social justice, talk horizontally," he advised, as a way to bring people together on the theme that needs addressing.

Striving for Justice

With respect to the instrumentalization of justice, the Pope said that "lawfare begins through the media, which denigrates and insinuates suspicion of a crime committed. Huge investigations are created and the volume of these investigations is enough to condemn, even if the crime [violation of the law] is not found". In this regard, the Pope said that "we need to raise our voices, we need to say: there is an irregularity here... politicians have this mission to unmask a justice that is not fair." 

Church, home for all

Regarding pastoral care of homosexuals, the Pope reiterated that in the Church we are children of God and all must be accompanied on their journey. When asked about the celibacy of priests, he replied by saying that it is not a dogma but a discipline that could be changed, while noting that there are already married priests in the Eastern Church.

The Pope then answered a question on the Church's fight against abuse, recalling the commitment of Benedict XVI that continues today. 

He also recalled how it is necessary to fight for peace because war is a tragedy that destroys us. And he concluded by reiterating that if people stopped producing weapons even for a year, it would end world hunger.

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01 April 2023, 15:37