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At Regina Coeli, Pope appeals for an end to violence in Sudan

In remarks following the Regina Coeli, Pope Francis calls for an end to violence in Sudan and a return to the path of dialogue; and looks ahead to his upcoming visit to Hungary in the context of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

By Christopher Wells

In view of the gravity of the situation in Sudan, Pope Francis on Sunday invited everyone to pray “for our Sudanese brothers and sisters. Hundreds of people have reportedly died in fighting in recent days, with thousands more injured.

Violence erupted earlier this month as Sudan’s regular army forces battled the paramilitary “Rapid Support Forces” in a struggle for power in the beleagured nation. In his remarks at the Regina Coeli, Pope Francis appealed for an immediate end to violence “and a return to the path of dialogue.”

The Apostolic Journey to Hungary and the war in Ukraine

The Pope also looked ahead to next week’s Apostolic Journey to Hungary, which serves as a complement to his visit to the country in 2021 for the International Eucharistic Congress. However, Pope Francis noted, “it will also be a journey to the centre of Europe, over which the icy winds of war continue to blow,” with the resulting movement “of so many people puts urgent humanitarian issues on the agenda.”

The Pope said he is looking forward to his visit with the Hungarian people, and thanked them for their commitment in preparing for his arrival. He asked everyone to accompany his journey with prayer, not forgetting “our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, still afflicted by this war.”

Other appeals

The Holy Father mentioned several other issues close to his heart at the Regina Coeli, including Earth Day, observed throughout the world on Saturday. “I hope that the commitment to care for creation will always be united with an effective solidarity for the poorest,” the Pope said.

The Pope also recalled the beatification in Paris on Saturday of Henri Planchat, Ladislas Radigue, and companions, whom he described as “pastors animated by apostolic zeal,” who were “united in their witness to the faith to the point of martyrdom.” The new Blesseds were killed out of “hatred for the faith” during the so-called Paris “commune” in 1871.

Finally, Pope Francis noted the 99th Day of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, which this year is exploring the them “For the sake of knowledge: the challenges of the new humanism.” The Holy Father said he hope that the largest Catholic university in Italy would be able “to face these challenges with the spirit of its founders, especially the young Armida Barelli,” who was beatified one year ago.

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23 April 2023, 13:14