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Rescript on the use of properties referring to the Holy See

Given the current economic situation, the Pope has ordered the abrogation of the rules allowing the free or favourable use of real estate owned by Curial Institutions and Bodies referring to the Holy See

By Vatican News

Following an audience with the Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, Maximino Caballero Ledo, on the 13th February, Pope Francis has ordered the abrogation of all provisions that allow the use of real estate owned by Curial Institutions and Entities that refer to the Holy See, including the Domus, freely or under special favourable conditions

It is a decision - the Rescript reads - taken "to meet the growing commitments that the fulfilment of the service to the Universal Church and to the needy requires in an economic context such as the current one, of particular gravity", with the consequent need "for everyone to make an extraordinary sacrifice to allocate more resources to the mission of the Holy See, also by increasing revenue from the management of the real estate patrimony".

The provision concerns cardinals, heads of Dicastery, presidents, secretaries, undersecretaries, executives and equivalents, including auditors, and equivalents, of the Court of the Roman Rota.

The Institutions that own the properties must therefore apply the prices normally applied to those who have no offices of any kind in the Holy See and Vatican City State. The Domus will also have to apply the ordinary rates established by their own administrative body.

The measure has no effect on facilities already granted on the date of its entry into force and, therefore, previously stipulated contracts will continue until their natural expiry date, but may be extended or renewed only in compliance with the new rules, without prejudice to compulsory renewals established by law or by contract. Any exception to the new regulations must be directly authorised by the Pope.

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01 March 2023, 11:24