Pope Francis baptizes a baby during a visit to the children's cancer ward at Rome's Gemelli hospital Pope Francis baptizes a baby during a visit to the children's cancer ward at Rome's Gemelli hospital 

Pope feeling better, visits young patients and baptises baby in hospital

The Director of the Holy See Press Office says Pope Francis is scheduled to be released from hospital on Saturday, and is expected to be present at the Palm Sunday Mass in St Peter's Square. On Friday afternoon he visited some of the little patients at the Hospital and baptized a baby.

By Vatican News

Pope Francis on Friday spent time with children who are being treated at the same Rome Hospital where he is receiving treatment for bronchitis.

A statement released by the Holy See Press Office Director, Matteo Bruni, said the Pope visited the children who are receiving treatment in the Gemelli Hospital's paediatric oncology ward.

"He brought them rosaries, chocolate easter eggs and copies of an Italian book for children about Jesus, born in Jerusalem of Judaea,” the statement said.

Bruni also said that during his visits, which lasted about half an hour, the Pope also baptized a little boy called Miguel Angel.

Afterwards, the Holy Father encouraged the baby's mother to tell the parish where the Baptism will be registered to say "the Pope baptised him!"

Pope Francis baptises baby boy during his stay at Rome's Gemelli Hospital

Expected to preside at Palm Sunday Mass

Earlier on Friday, Bruni announced that "As he is scheduled to leave the hospital tomorrow, Pope Francis is expected to be present in St. Peter's Square for the Eucharistic celebration of Palm Sunday, Passion of the Lord."

He also updated the press on the Pope's condition, noting that "the day passed well yesterday, following a normal clinical course."

"In the evening Pope Francis had dinner, eating pizza, together with those who are assisting him during these days of his hospital stay," including the doctors, nurses, assistants, and staff of the Gendarmerie.

The statement also said that this morning, after having breakfast, the Pope read some newspapers and resumed work.

"His Holiness," the statement concluded, "is expected to return to the Santa Marta home tomorrow, upon the outcome of the results of the last examinations this morning."

In a Thursday evening statement, Bruni conveyed that doctors at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome where the Pope was admitted on Wednesday afternoon, said he had been diagnosed with viral bronchitis that requires the administration of an antibiotic therapy administered by infusion, that “has resulted in a marked improvement in his state of health.”


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31 March 2023, 13:17