Pope Francis meeting with members of "Misión América" from Spain Pope Francis meeting with members of "Misión América" from Spain  (Vatican Media)

Pope encourages Church's mission outreach efforts

Pope Francis meets with members of the Spanish Bishops' Conference working for its Commission for Mission and Cooperation with the Churches, together with leadership of the Spanish NGO "Misión América". He offers words of encouragement as they bring the Gospel message to the Americas and Africa.

By Amedeo Lomonaco

On Saturday morning, Pope Francis met with members of the Spanish NGO Misión América, an organization celebrating 30 years of existence now in promoting the dignity and development of peoples in Latina America and Africa in their social, cultural and religious spheres. The audience took place together with the presence of members of the Spanish Bishops' Conference Commission for Mission and Cooperation with the Churches.

The Pope highlighted four key words that identify their mission of service: visibility, respect, volunteerism, and collaboration. 


Regarding the first key area, the Pope explained that Jesus was sent by the Father, and that "now He sends us, giving visibility to the realities of offer profound healing for humanity." In the same way, he said in our campaigns of awareness to make the realities of Latin America and Africa more widely known, our horizon "cannot be other than to show the outstretched hand of Christ, who in his wounds offers us the best refuge."


The other word highlighted by Pope Francis is respect for the other, for his or her reality and situation, as Jesus respects people and "true equality, true justice means not to impose a single and uniform path for everyone." He said we need to be able to accompany others with respect for their freedom and needs "so that all may respond to God's call."

Pope Francis during his meeting with members of "isión América"
Pope Francis during his meeting with members of "isión América"


Volunteerism is another important aspect of Misión América's work, the Pope went on to say, and it may be simply nothing more than "prayerful support, help, and solidarity" with those on their journey. Volunteerism is one of the most beautiful things societies can have, he added.


The fourth and final word the Pope highlighted is collaboration. The peace that God establishes with humanity and among one another, becomes a daily reality through "seeking the good, in spreading love and harmony, and it generates new realities, creating bridges, doing away with fears and grudges."

Giving visibility to the wounds of Jesus

To the words visibility, respect, volunteerism, and collaboration, Pope Francis added an image, that of Jesus calling on his Church to be missionary. 

"Let it be a motivation for us as well," the Pope emphasised, so we can "give visibility to the wounds that are still tangible in His Mystical call for respect for every person and his or her right to be able to discern the path that God traces out for work in favor of and support all those who have been sent out (in mission), along with all men and women of good will, to the glory of God." 

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11 March 2023, 15:09