Pope meeting priests from Barcelona, Spain in the Clementine Hall Pope meeting priests from Barcelona, Spain in the Clementine Hall  (Vatican Media)

Pope asks Spanish priests to reject careerism and seek fraternity

Pope Francis greets a group of 70 Spanish priests involved in youth ministry in the Diocese Barcelona, and urges them not to pursue worldly satisfaction but fraternity in their ministry.

By Lisa Zengarini

The communal and individual dimension of the Church always walk together, Pope Francis told a group of Spanish priests from the Diocese of Barcelona involved in youth ministry on Saturday.  In prepared remarks he gave the group  in the Clementine Hall, the Pope reminded them that the “experience of the Apostles always has a double aspect”, personal and communal. “We are, of course,  called individually, but always to be part of a larger group, walking together listening before speaking, knowing where to place ourselves”, he said.

Reject careerism

Reminding the priests of Jesus’ call to perennial conversion, the Pope urged them to “reject careerism” and worldly satisfactions, embracing instead the Cross, the Sacraments and a life of prayer.   

Accordingly -  the Pope added - they should also be “capable of mercy, precisely because we are touched by the Lord's mercy, not giving lessons, but witnessing an experience of intimacy with God”.  

Seek Fraternity

Concluding Pope Francis exhorted the Spanish priests to “seek fraternity in all social environments, to learn and teach to welcome everyone, to work with everyone,” seeking “consensus solutions” in their ministry.

“We must never become entrenched, neither in the Christian group  which we belong to, nor in the responsibility entrusted to us.”

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28 January 2023, 13:49