The late Cardinal Severino Poletto The late Cardinal Severino Poletto 

Pope pays tribute to late Cardinal Poletto's service to the Church

Pope Francis pays tribute to the life and ministry of the late Cardinal Severino Poletto, Archbishop-emeritus of Turin, Italy, who died on Saturday at the age of 89 and whose funeral will take place on 22 December at Turin's Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.

By Vatican News staff reporter

Recalling the late Cardinal Severino Poletto as a "faithful servant" of the Gospel and the Church, Pope Francis expressed his closeness to the local Church in Turin, Italy, in a telegram sent to the city's Archbishop Roberto Repole.

Cardinal Poletto, Archbishop-emeritus of Turin, died on Saturday at the age of 89.

He headed the Archdiocese of the Piedmontese capital from 1999 to 2010. He will be buried in the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin of the Consolata, following the funeral on 22 December in the metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist.

Focus on families and diocesan missions

In his telegram, the Pope offered his closeness and prayers, briefly retracing the Cardinal's long ministry, which began "first as a parish priest in Casale" where he was "attentive to the laity and committed to the work activities in a spirit of evangelical sharing."

Later, as Bishop of Fossano, the Pope noted how he was "dedicated especially to families, young people and catechetical work," and finally as Bishop of Asti where he supported "diocesan missions, generously offering his leadership in the reorganization of the Church throughout the territory."

Renewal of Gospel outreach

In conclusion, the papal telegram recalled the arrival of the then-Monsignor Poletto to Turin and his generous service "moved by the desire to be close to priests and to give momentum to evangelization, also through important public events."

These occasions included the two expositions of the Holy Shroud of Turin during the Jubilee Year 2000 and in 2010, when Benedict XVI came for a visit.

Pope John Paul II named Archbishop Poletto a Cardinal in February 2001 during the same consistory that he made Jorge Mario Bergoglio a Cardinal.

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19 December 2022, 15:51