Crowds in Saint Peter's Square at Sunday's Angelus Crowds in Saint Peter's Square at Sunday's Angelus  (Vatican Media)

Pope remembers Ischia flood victims, women suffering violence

Following the Angelus, the Pope's thoughts turned to those suffering, especially flood victims on the Italian island of Ischia, women who are victims of sexual violence and the martyred Ukrainian people.

By Vatican News staff writer

Greetings pilgrims following the recitation of the Angelus, the Pope asked everyone to remember in their prayers the people of the Italian island of Ischia recovering from heavy rains that caused flooding and mudslides killing two persons with eleven others missing, according to latest reports. The Pope said he is praying for the victims, those suffering, and all the rescue workers.

The Pope also greeted participants taking part in a march this morning to denounce sexual violence against women, noting that unfortunately it is a widespread reality everywhere, and is even used as a weapon of war. On that issue, he also encouraged everyone to be tireless in saying no to war, no to violence, but yes to dialogue, yes to peace, especially for the martyred people of Ukraine, recalling yesterday's anniversary of the tragedy of the Holodomor.

The Pope also remembered Burkhard Scheffler, a homeless man who died from the cold three days ago in the colonnade of Saint Peter's Square. 

He then addressed his greetings to the various groups in the Square, including, the secretariat of the International Forum of Catholic Action (FIAC), gathered in Rome for its 8th Assembly.

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27 November 2022, 13:31