An Amazonian woman holds up her hand at a demonstration in Sharm El-Sheikh An Amazonian woman holds up her hand at a demonstration in Sharm El-Sheikh  (ANSA)

Pope encourages COP27, recalls Laudato Si’ Action Platform anniversary

Pope Francis encourages the work of the COP27 climate summit taking place in Egypt, and recalls the first anniversary of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform.

By Devin Watkins & Nathan Morley

As delegates continue deliberations at the 2022 UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt, Pope Francis offered his encouragement to efforts to protect the environment.

Speaking at the Angelus on Sunday, the Pope said he hopes the COP27 will produce lasting fruits on behalf of combating climate change.

“I wish to recall the COP27 summit on the climate taking place in Egypt. I hope that steps forward are taken with courage and determination, in the footsteps of the Paris Accords.”

Laudato Si’ Action Platform

The Pope also recalled the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, which was set up to consolidate efforts to implement the Pope’s 2015 encyclical on the Care of our Common Home.

He noted that Monday marks the first anniversary of the Platform, which “promotes ecological conversion and lifestyles consistent with it” and is overseen by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

Pope Francis said there are around 6,000 participants in the initiative, including individuals, families, associations, businesses, and religious, cultural and health institutions

“This is a great start to a seven-year journey aimed at responding to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. I encourage this crucial mission for the future of humanity, so that it may foster in everyone a concrete commitment to care for Creation.”

Talks ongoing at COP27

During the coming week, ministers attending COP27 will try and break the impasse on a range of issues and ensure the world keeps from lapsing on climate ambitions.

In all, about 200 countries are negotiating next steps on cutting the emissions that cause global warming.

During his speech on Friday, US President Joe Biden said the United States saw its mission to avert climate catastrophe as not only an imperative but through "the eyes of history". He said the "very life of the planet" was at stake.

During the first week, the World Bank announced the creation of the Global Shield Financing Facility Instrument to help nations experiencing heavy economic loss due to disasters induced by climate change.

Germany is committing roughly $170 million to the project, while other countries, including Austria, have provided a total of $225 million.

Meanwhile, campaigners have staged a march inside the COP27 conference centre. The group chanted slogans like "no climate justice without human rights."

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13 November 2022, 12:33