Attack overnight on Kiev and other areas of Ukraine Attack overnight on Kiev and other areas of Ukraine  (ANSA)

Pope prays escalation might be averted in Ukraine, remembers Istanbul victims

At the conclusion of the General Audience, Pope Francis offers his prayers so that desire for peace in Ukraine will prevail over any escalation. He remembers the victims of the terrorist attack in Istanbul.

By Vatican News staff writer

Pope Francis expressed his sadness and concern upon hearing news of the latest, powerful missile attack on Ukraine that has caused deaths and so much damage to civilian infrastructure. 

He asked everyone to pray to the Lord that He may "convert the hearts" of those who still insist on war. 

May "the desire for peace prevail for martyred Ukraine to avoid any escalation and open the way for a ceasefire and dialogue."

The Pope encouraged "unceasing prayer" so that "the Lord may give Ukrainians consolation, fortitude in trial and hope for peace." May we all ask the Lord to "hurry in helping us," he added.

International media reported a series of Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities overnight hitting power plants and infrastructures in various parts of the country. Two missiles reportedly hit an area of Poland near the border with Ukraine. 

The Pope also renewed his prayers for the innocent victims of the terrorist attack in Istanbul that took place last Sunday. He sent a a telegramme of condolences yesterday assuring the victims, their families and close ones of his closeness and prayers. 

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16 November 2022, 10:45