#EOF2022: Kenya Bamboo ambassador works for sustainable housing

A young Kenyan conservationist shares her work with bamboo restoration at the Economy of Francis, where she hopes to find ways to collaborate and create sustainable housing around her country.

By Francesca Merlo

Attending the Economy of Francesco is Wendy Omanga, who works in environment conservation. As a bamboo ambassador in Kenya, she works in land restoration by replanting bamboo, especially by her country's rivers. 

She notes that most people do not understand the technical knowledge that many environmentalists use, and for this reason the bamboo they plant is used in nature trails which, mainly tourists, undertake. Tourism is relevant in this case also because hotels and lodges are built along the rivers and wetlands in Kenya, and these are the stakeholders that they have chosen to use as their partners in their restoration projects.

In their search for a sustainable solution for houseing, along with Kenya's Ministry of Housing, Wendy's organisation is bringing a new technology through bamboo, which can be used to produce sustainable housing in Kenya. 

There is a lot of land in Africa, but it is hard to raise capita. The Economy of Francesco opens a channel of collaboration and partnership whislt still having things to offer to Europe through any potential collaborations. 

22 September 2022, 17:25