#EOF2022: Young people tackle difficult problems with positivity

At the end of Day Two of the Economy of Francesco event, our correspondent in Assisi, Francesca Merlo, looks back over the work done so far in the "villages" and catches the pulse ahead of Pope Francis' arrival to close the meeting on Saturday.

By Francesca Merlo - Assisi, Italy

The second day of the Economy of Francesco has ended. The young economists and entrepreneurs attending the three-day event ventured off into different so-called villages. Each of these villages was centred on a different theme and the young people gathered at each one to discuss topics such as women, poverty, hunger, business and CO2 emissions... amongst others. 

These villages were situated all throughout the wonderful city of Assisi, whose walls, buildings and scenery breathe the legacy of Saint Francis who is buried here within the walls of the 12th century basilica. The first stone of the basilica was layed in 1228, two years after the death of the Franciscan friar.

The young people on Friday talked, worked, sang and danced and confronted some very difficult topics, but all with the positivity necessary to make their work worth-while, and to allow them to ultimately lead to change for the better.

As the second day wraps-up, the excitement of the young people has reached a whole new level as they rest before the arrival of Pope francis on the third and final day of the event. We know that the Holy Father is coming to listen to the stories of these motivated changemakers, as well as to remind them that they are the change that this world needs.

23 September 2022, 19:59