#EOF2022: Young people arrive and prepare for day 1

As hundreds of people fill the streets of Assisi in preparation for the opening of the Economy of Francesco, we hear of their hopes and expectations as they bring their different cultures to the table to unite in bettering the world.

By Francesca Merlo - Assisi, Italy

Wednesday flew by in Assisi, as the city rapidly filled with colour, the colour of excitement and hope that the young people attending the Economy of Francesco from 22 to 24 September have brought with them, in all their forms, from their various corners of the globe. There are around 1000 young people attending and they come from over 100 countries.

As they queued up to check in at Assisi’s Lyrick Theatre some of them expressed their different hopes, motivations, and expectations… and all expressed a similar excitement as they looked ahead to the Pope’s visit on Saturday – the final day of the event.

Why they're here

These young people have come to share their ideas and expertise to better the world, through economic systems that reflect the principles and values of Saint Francis of Assisi. More specifically, these young people are economists who, after two years of preparation and online meetings, have finally crossed borders and continents to join forces and discuss solutions and potential ways to better the world’s economic structures.

Event and attendees

Just as the young people apply the morals and values of Saint Francis throughout their stay, the event, too, is in line with these values. There is no plastic at the Economy of Francesco and the kits given to each attendee contain a reusable water bottle to this end, along with metal cutlery and a notebook made entirely from recycled paper.  

Speaking to some of the people who arrived today, we heard of motivation towards leadership from a young Masai boy from Kenya, the desire to hear of the inequalities people face around the world from a young boy from the US, and we heard from a coordinator from Hong Kong, who expressed his desire to give back some of what he himself feels he has already received.

All are excited, hopeful, and brilliant, and all are awaiting Pope Francis.


21 September 2022, 00:13