Pope Francis in Assisi in 2016 Pope Francis in Assisi in 2016 

Pope to visit Assisi and Matera in September

Pope Francis will visit the Italian town of Assisi for an Economy of Francesco event, and city of Matera for the conclusion of the 27th National Eucharistic Congress, in late September.

By Deborah Castellano Lubov

Pope Francis will visit the Italian hill town of Assisi and the southern city of Matera in late September.

The Holy See Press Office published on Friday the programs for each Italian visit, which fall on 24 and 25 September, respectively, and both of which begin in the morning and conclude before lunchtime.

This will mark Pope Francis' sixth visit to Assisi.

This time he goes for the 'Economy of Francesco' event, an international conference aimed at young economists, entrepreneurs and change-makers engaged in thinking and practising a different type of economy.

The invitation to participate has come directly from Pope Francis, who before the Covid-19 pandemic had invited young economists and entrepreneurs  from all over the world, to initiate, as the event's website explains, "a process of global change so that today's and tomorrow's economy is fairer, inclusive and sustainable, without leaving anyone behind."

The Holy Father since the start of his pontificate frequently visited the land of St. Francis, for whom the Pontiff took his namesake.

In Assisi, the Pope will meet with young people and address them.

Matera trip

The Holy Father's trip to the city of Matera in the southern Italian region of Basilicata comes the next day to mark the conclusion of the 27th National Eucharistic Congress.

That day, he will meet migrants and refugees, give his homily during Mass and give his Angelus address.

The Congress will take place from 22 to 25 September in Matera on the theme "Let's go back to the taste of bread. For a Eucharistic and Synodal Church.”

Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, President of the Italian Bishops Conference, also known as the CEI, who serves as Archbishop of Bologna, and Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino, Bishop of Assisi-Nocera Umbra-Gualdo Tadino and President of the Committee of the Economy of Francesco, both expressed their gratitude to the Holy Father for his presence and closeness in those days.

Here are unofficial English translations of the programs of both visits:

Programme of Pope's Assisi trip

Visit of the Holy Father Francis to Assisi on the occasion of the "Economy of Francesco" event - Saturday, 24 September 2022

09:00 am - Take off from the Vatican heliport

09:30 - Landing in the square in front of the Pala-Eventi of Santa Maria degli Angeli

    By car, the Holy Father reaches the Pala-Eventi, where he is welcomed by:

        - three young people, representing the young people participating in the event;

        - Cardinal Michael Czerny, Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development;

        - Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino, of Assisi-Nocera Umbra-Gualdo Tadino, and of Foligno; 

        - Dr. Donatella Tesei, President of the Umbria Region;

        - Dr. Armando Gradone, Prefect of Perugia;

        - Dr. Stefania Proietti, Mayor of Assisi and President of the Province of Perugia;

        - Members of the Promoting Committee of the Event:

        - Prof. Luigino Bruni;

        - Dr. Francesca di Maolo;

        - Sister Alessandra Smerilli.

        - Representatives of the Franciscan Families of Assisi and of the Pro Civitate Christiana

10:00 - The Holy Father reaches the stage.

   The meeting with young people takes place as follows:

       - artistic-theatrical moment;

       - welcome and introduction;

       - eight Young people share experiences.

* Address of the Holy Father

       - reading and signing of the "Agreement";

       - the Holy Father greet the young people present on the stage.

11:30 am - At the end of the meeting, the Holy Father by car reaches the square in front of the Theater

11:45 am - Take off from Santa Maria degli Angeli

12:15 -  Landing at the Vatican heliport

Programme of Pope's Matera visit

Pastoral visit of the Holy Father Francis to Matera for the conclusion of the 27th National Eucharistic Congress - Sunday, 25 September 2022

07:00 am - Take off from the Vatican heliport

08:30 am - Landing at the Municipal Stadium XXI Settembre in Matera

   The Holy Father is welcomed by:

     - Card. Matteo Maria Zuppi, Archbishop of Bologna, President of the Italian Episcopal Conference;

     - Archbishop Antonio Giuseppe Caiazzo, of Matera-Irsina;

     - Hon. Vito Bardi, President of the Basilicata Region;

     - Dr. Sante Capponi, Prefect of Matera;

     - Dr. Domenico Bennardi, Mayor of Matera;

     - Dr. Piero Marrese, President of the Province of Matera.

  Immediate transfer by car to the Cathedral

09:00 am - In the Cathedral: Meeting with refugees and refugees

     - Presentation by HE Mons. Antonio Giuseppe Caiazzo, Archbishop of Matera-Irsina

* Words of greeting from the Holy Father

09:30 am - The Holy Father leaves the Cathedral

10:00 am - In Piazza Matteotti: Eucharistic concelebration for the conclusion of the National Eucharistic Congress

* Homily of the Holy Father

* Angelus

- Words of thanks from Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi, Archbishop of Bologna, President of the Italian Episcopal Conference

11:45 am - The Holy Father reaches by car the canteen of the Fraternity named after "Don Giovanni Mele" in Via Giacomo Racioppi: blessing and inauguration of the new structure

12:30 am - Municipal Stadium 21st September : the Holy Father says goodbye to the Authorities who welcomed him on arrival

Take off from the Municipal Stadium of Matera

2:00 pm - Landing at the Vatican heliport

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