Aftermath of shelling in Donetsk Aftermath of shelling in Donetsk 

Pope: 'Ask yourselves what you are doing for the people of Ukraine?'

Pope Francis is suggesting to each and every one of us to ask ourselves how are we manifesting solidarity towards the suffering people of Ukraine, nearly four months from the beginning of the war.

By Linda Bordoni

The post-Angelus address on Sunday provided Pope Francis with yet another occasion to remind all men and women of goodwill of the suffering of the people of Ukraine and to invite us to put solidarity into action.

Almost four months since the Russian invasion and the start of the war in Ukraine that continues to kill, injure, destroy and displace, concern is being expressed about a possible onset of “Ukraine fatigue” that may cause people to lose interest in the unfolding tragedy.

Pope Francis asks us not to forget.

“Let’s not forget the battered Ukrainian people at this time, a people that is suffering. I would like to invite you all to ask yourselves a question: what am I doing today for the Ukrainian people?”

Alluding to a collective human responsibility the Pope added:

“Do I pray? Do I act? Do I try to understand? What do I do today for Ukrainians? Answer that question within your hearts.”

Refugees from southeastern Ukraine prepare to cross into Moldova
Refugees from southeastern Ukraine prepare to cross into Moldova


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19 June 2022, 13:15