A member of "Casa Hogar Deutschland" shows Pope Francis a young girl in Colombia A member of "Casa Hogar Deutschland" shows Pope Francis a young girl in Colombia

Pope greets members of "Casa Hogar Deutschland" in Colombia

Pope Francis meets with members of the “Casa Hogar Deutschland”, who provide assistance and education for children in the western Colombian region of Choco.

By Vatican News staff reporter

Pope Francis met on Saturday with volunteers and pastoral workers who offer assistance and education for girls and women in the conflict-ridden region of Choco, in western Colombia, by supporting more than 38 humanitarian projects in the area.

In September 2017, the Pope visited Choco, and urged called for the Church to care for those who are excluded.

"I encourage you to set your gaze on all those who today are excluded and marginalized by society, those who count for nothing in the eyes of others and who are excluded,” he said on that occasion. “Everyone needs to help form a better society.”

Human rights crisis

At the meeting on Saturday, 4 June, the three Catholic Bishops of the Choco region spoke to the Pope about the humanitarian and human rights crisis which 64 percent of the local population endures.

"Dear Pope Francis, the Choco area greatly needs dignified living conditions, and cries out for your apostolic intervention, so that two fundamental objectives may be achieved: an agreement on humanitarian grounds, and a negotiated solution to the armed conflict. Otherwise, human suffering will increase and claim many more lives," read the message delivered by the Bishops of Quidó, Istmina-Tadó, and Apartadó.

The "Casa Hogar Deutschland" is an initiative born in Germany and supported by the charitable help of donors, which focuses on the education of women.  

Pope Francis greets the members
Pope Francis greets the members
04 June 2022, 14:15