Pope Francis with new ambassadors to the Holy See during the ceremony for the presentation of credentials Pope Francis with new ambassadors to the Holy See during the ceremony for the presentation of credentials  (Vatican Media)

Pope to ambassadors: Don’t lose hope for a world of fraternity

Pope Francis welcomes new non-resident Ambassadors to the Holy See from Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Burundi, and Qatar, and urges nations not to lose hope in a world filled with human fraternity and peace.

By Christopher Wells

Welcoming new non-resident ambassadors to the Holy See on Thursday, Pope Francis noted that they are beginning their missions “in a uniquely challenging moment” in history.

The new Ambassadors represent Burundi, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and Qatar.

Although the world is beginning to return to normalcy in the wake of the pandemic, “the dark cloud of war [has] descended over Eastern Europe, subsequently enveloping the entire world in direct or indirect ways.”

Bringing out the best in humanity

Nonetheless, the Pope said, “even a tragedy of this scale can also bring out the best in humanity,” as we say in the response to the pandemic.

While modern technology can show us the horrors of war, it can also inspire “a sense of solidarity and fraternity.” He highlighted efforts to provide humanitarian assistance and to welcome “refugees from the conflict without counting the cost.”

Caring for all

At the same time, Pope Francis recalled the numerous other conflicts throughout the world, which are receiving little or no attention from the media.

He insisted that humanitarian support and a sense of fraternity “must not be based on geography or self-interest,” and applies “not only to situations of war and violent conflict, but also to other situations of injustice plaguing the human family”, such as climate change, poverty, and hunger.

Role of the international community

The Holy Father said the Holy See’s continued efforts to find solutions for these problems are carried out “with the conviction that the problems affecting the entire human family require a united response from the international community with each member playing a part.”

He noted the role of ambassadors in this regard, which is “by no means an easy service.”

The Pope encouraged them “never to lose hope in our efforts to build a world in which a sense of fraternity and mutual understanding prevail, and disagreements are resolved through peaceful means."

19 May 2022, 10:22