Pope Francis during the General Audience Pope Francis during the General Audience 

Pope asks for prayers for his weekend visit to Malta

At the conclusion of Wednesday's General Audience, Pope Francis asks for prayers for his weekend visit to Malta from 2-3 April, while thanking all those involved in the preparations.

By Vatican News staff reporter

Pope Francis spoke about his Apostolic Journey coming up this weekend to the Mediterranean island of Malta.

The Pope said he looks forward to visiting that "luminous land" following in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul, who was warmly welcomed there after being shipwrecked at sea on his way to Rome. 

He said this Apostolic Journey will offer a unique opportunity "to go to the wellsprings of the proclamation of the Gospel" and experience for himself the Christian community there whose lively history goes back thousands of years.

Appreciation for welcoming migrants

Looking forward to meeting the Maltese, Pope Francis paid them tribute for their modern-day welcome and commitment shown to "so many brothers and sisters seeking refuge."

Malta is at the center of the Mediterranean, a landing point for many migrants and refugees seeking safety and a better life. 

Vatican News will be providing full coverage of the weekend visit to Malta and live broadcasts of the events.

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30 March 2022, 10:43