Jesus heals the leprosy patient Jesus heals the leprosy patient 

Angelus: Pope Francis recalls World Leprosy Day

In remarks following the recitation of the Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis recalls World Leprosy Day, expressing his closeness to those who suffer from the disease.”

By Vatican News staff reporter

Following the recitation of the Angelus in St Peter’s Square on Sunday, the Pope recalled that this 30th January marks the World Leprosy Day.

This date was chosen by French philanthropist and writer Raoul Follereau, and dates back to 1954.

The day aims to increase the public awareness of leprosy or Hansen's Disease.  This year’s theme is “United for Dignity.”

Pope Francis expressed his closeness “to those who suffer from this disease” and prayed that they “will not lack spiritual support and health care.”

It is necessary, he said, “to work together for the full integration of these people, overcoming any discrimination associated with a disease that unfortunately still affects so many, especially in the most disadvantaged social contexts.”

Lunar New Year

The Pope also recalled that Tuesday 1 February marks the Lunar New Year which will be celebrated throughout the Far East, as well as in various parts of the world.

On this occasion, Pope Francis extended his cordial greetings and expressed the wish that in the New Year all may enjoy “peace, health and a peaceful and secure life.”  

“How beautiful it is when families find opportunities to gather together and experience moments of love and joy! Many families, unfortunately, will not be able to get together this year because of the pandemic. I hope that we will soon be able to overcome this test," he said.

The Pope went on to say that thanks to the “good will of individuals and the solidarity of peoples, the entire human family will be able to achieve with renewed dynamism goals of material and spiritual prosperity.”

St John Bosco

On the eve of the feast of Saint John Bosco, which is celebrated on 31 January, the Pope greeted the Salesian men and women “who do so much good in the Church."

“We think of this great saint, father and teacher of youth. He did not shut himself up in the sacristy, he did not shut himself up in his things. He went out into the streets to look for young people, with that creativity that was characteristic of him," Pope Francis said.

30 January 2022, 13:10