Archive photo of the 2018-2019 Taizé youth meeting in Madrid Archive photo of the 2018-2019 Taizé youth meeting in Madrid 

Pope sends greetings to Taizé youth

“The Spirit of God never ceases to work and to give rise to creators of fraternity, solidarity and unity,” writes Cardinal Parolin in a message conveying Pope Francis’ greetings and prayers for young people of the Taizé Community.

By Christopher Wells

An eagerly awaited in-person meeting of European youth, led by the Taizé Community, has once again been postponed due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, with the meeting now scheduled to take place in July in Turin.

“The Holy Father is praying for this intention,” writes Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, but for the present, “he is united in thought and prayer with all of you who are present online, and sends you his warmest greetings.”

In a message conveying the Pope’s closeness, Cardinal Parolin commends the Taizé youth for not “giving in to defeatism,” but instead tackling difficult questions head-on, praying about them and listening to God’s word in order “to shed light on the most complex human situations.”

The Spirit breathes when we are together

Recalling the events of Pentecost, Cardinal Parolin notes that on that day, the disciples “were all together” – and he reminds young people that “it is when we are together that the Spirit of God breathes in a special way.” He goes on to explain that “with the current synod, the Catholic Church, too, is seeking to make itself more open to the work of the Spirit by inviting Christ's disciples to discover how much we need each other.”

The Cardinal tells the young people that by choosing to face “human suffering and the pressing emergencies of the moment,” they have been given “the opportunity to participate in the solutions.” Although there is cause for concern and anxiety, he says that it is nonetheless true “that the Spirit of God never ceases to work and to give rise to creators of fraternity, solidarity, and unity.” He assures them that by opening themselves “to the presence of the Risen Christ,” by allowing Him to unify their hearts, they are preparing themselves to be among them.

Cardinal Parolin concludes his letter a benediction from Pope Francis: “The Holy Father asks the Holy Spirit to bless you, the young Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants who are joining the European meeting in thought and prayer, and he entrusts you to the protection of the Virgin.”

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30 December 2021, 12:08