Archbishop Aldo Giordano met with the Pope on 17 June 2021 Archbishop Aldo Giordano met with the Pope on 17 June 2021 

Pope: Archbishop Giordano was 'witness to unconditional love of Church'

Pope Francis sends his condolences for the death of Archbishop Aldo Giordano, who died on 2 December while serving as the Apostolic Nuncio to the European Union.

By Devin Watkins

Archbishop Aldo Giordano died on 2 December in Belgium after a lengthy battle with Covid-19.

He had been receiving treatment in a Bruxelles hospital for two months after contracting the coronavirus.

The Archbishop had served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the European Union since 8 May 2021, and before that as the Nuncio to Venezuela since 2013.

As the late Archbishop Giordano was laid to rest on Thursday in his native Italian city of Cuneo, Pope Francis sent condolences to his family and all those mourning his death.

Meek and generous servant of the Church

The Pope sent a telegram signed by Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, who was present at the funeral.

Pope Francis praised Archbishop Giordano’s “zealous priestly life and the faithful service of so meek and generous a man of the Church.”

The Pope recalled his dedication in the many pastoral and diplomatic roles with which the 67-year-old was entrusted.

“In all of the roles entrusted to him, Archbishop Giordano worked wisely, revealing his talents of mind and heart, and witnessing to his sincere passion for humanity and the unconditional love of the Church,” said Pope Francis.

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Consolation for his untimely death

The Pope expressed his heartfelt condolences to his family and assured them of his prayers for the late Archbishop.

He invoked the Blessed Virgin Mary’s maternal protection for all “who lament his premature passing.”

Natural-born communicator

The late Archbishop had also spent nearly 8 years as the Pope’s representative in Venezuela, telling Vatican Radio at the time that no one deserves to suffer violence and that forgiveness must be embraced for progress to be made.

According to those who knew him, Archbishop Giordano was a man of culture who left a profound mark on his hometown of Cuneo, in northern Italy.

Umberto Bovani, a close friend and former student of the Archbishop, told Vatican News’s Antonella Palermo that he was an excellent teacher who was natural-born communicator.

“He had a refined elegance in speaking,” he said. “and his profound analytical spirit never passed unnoticed.”

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09 December 2021, 15:00